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What's a Birthday Party Without Ice Cream?

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we partnered with San Francisco ice cream innovators Humphry Slocombe to create a limited-edition signature flavor. Adzuki Almond Cookie, an unexpected-but-perfect blend of two classic staples in Asian desserts, was available exclusively at Cafe Asia in 2016.  

Humphry Slocombe chef and co-founder Jake Godby developed the tempting new treat after being inspired by visits to the museum. Adzuki Almond Cookie is made by hand, one batch at time. Godby starts with heritage adzuki beans (more popularly known as red beans) from Bob’s Red Mill, specifically chosen for their firmness and nutty flavor. After soaking overnight, the beans are sweetened, pureed and blended with organic milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Finally, Godby crumbles in his personal twist on the classic Chinese cookie. The result is a distinctive sweet and savory ice cream that delivers delightful bits of almond confection in every textural bite.