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  • Sunday Streets: Sari Dress Tent

    Workshops & Activities, For Families, Performances, and part of Target First Free Sundays

    Sep 23

    Free admission courtesy of Target

    11 AM—4 PM

    North Court

    A wearable living-sculpture installation, the 11-foot-tall Sari Dress Tent, with a voluminous 12-foot-circumference skirt, embodies stories of migration.

    If you have ever wanted to be one of the gingerbread children huddling inside Mother Ginger’s skirt in “The Nutcracker,” here is your chance. The 11-foot-tall Sari Dress Tent, with a voluminous 12-foot-circumference skirt, will be the centerpiece of our May and September Sunday Streets celebration.

    A new commission from artists Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao in honor the 10th anniversary of Tenderloin Sunday Streets, Sari Dress Tent is the latest version of the duo’s ongoing project of Dress Tents, wearable living-sculpture installations designed for and photographed in specific landscapes. The dress tents use humor to raise critical questions about gender and society. Past versions include Picnic Dress Tent, Ms. Homeland Security (installed at the U.S.-Mexico border) and, at Mt. Shasta, Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent.

    The Sari Tent Dress embodies stories of migration. Its form is inspired by temples and minarets from India and the dome of San Francisco City Hall. Inside, you will discover saris donated by Bay Area women, accompanied by recordings of these women recounting wedding days, funerals or other occasions when the sari was worn. At designated times throughout the day, dancers from Noorani Dance Company wear the dress tent to bring it to life on the streets of San Francisco.

    The Sari Dress Tent is commissioned by the Asian Art Museum and Livable City in San Francisco in conjunction with Art in Transit and Adobe. Sari Tent Dress is designed and fabricated by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao in collaboration with Kovid Kapoor and Akshit Bhardwaj.


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