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  • Cylindr.us


    Sep 12

    Free with museum admission

    6:30—9 PM

    Samsung Hall

    Artist Ala Ebtekar will work with a number of collaborators to present Cylindr.us, a night of events surrounding the exhibition The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A New Beginning. Cylindr.us is a project in seven movements, each exploring another facet of the exhibition. The night examines why, more than 2,500 years after the Cyrus Cylinder’s creation, the object remains so culturally significant, and how the legendary figure Cyrus the Great holds such strong influence on ideas about modern civilization.

    Ebtekar will transform Samsung Hall into the Gate to All Nations; a historic landmark in Persepolis (in present-day Iran), through a multi-channel sound installation composed and programmed by electronic composer and sound artist Ata ‘Sote’ Ebtekar (Ala Ebtekar’s uncle). At the core of this installation,  Ebtekar will use the obsolete technology of phonograph cylinders (one of the earliest mediums to record and reproduce sound) with seven wax cylinders, each containing a unique recording. From cylinder to cylinder, from clay to wax, from cuneiform to the sound of the first recorded voice, Cylindr.us draws parallels between inscription and recording from two different eras, cultures and moments marked by innovation. Through additional performances and readings, Cylindr.us explores connections between the legacy of this ancient object and the contemporary moment. 

    About The Artists Drawing Club
    Each month, this new series invites a local contemporary artist to use the museum as a project platform— drawing inspiration from the institution to direct a unique experience for the visitor. The Artists Drawing Club provides a new lens to see the museum, its collection and the world around us through the perspectives of eight contemporary artists.

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