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  • AsiaAlive: Yoga and Classical Dance


    Mar 28

    Friday and Saturday, March 28 and 29

    Free with museum admission

    12—4 PM

    North Court

    This interactive demonstration will include an exploration of the similarities and differences between three ancient movement art forms: Yoga,  Bharatanatyam, and Kalari ppayattu.  Yoga, with its physical and spiritual practices; Bharatanatyam, with its physical, emotional and performative practices; Kalari ppyattu, a martial art with physical and healing practices – all three forms come from the Indian sub-continent but have travelled across the world since the fourth century.  Dr. Aparna Sindhoor and Anil Natyaveda will discuss the intersection of these three forms of movement and the beautiful dynamic that they create when performed and experienced together.  Audiences will get an opportunity to try out a few sections during the demonstration and also witness the beauty of these forms demonstrated by world-renowned artists such as Sindhoor and Natyaveda.  

    Dr. Aparna Sindhoor
    is a choreographer, director, actor and singer. She was nominated for Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Award for Choreography in 2013.

    Anil Natyaveda
    is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and a martial artist from Triuvanathapuram, India. He is one of leading exponents of Kalari ppayattu in the world, and the Co-Director of Navarasa Dance Theater.

    Daily Demo Schedule
    12:00 PM—1:30
    2:00 PM—3:30 PM

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