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  • Yoga: Sounding Transformation

    Evenings, Performances, and part of First Thursdays, Thursday Nights

    Apr 03

    Free with museum admission ($5 after 5PM)

    6—9 PM


    Ann Dyer mines Yoga: The Art of Transformation to create a sensory performance that calls on the power of voice, word and sound expressed in yoga philosophies and texts throughout the ages.  Dyer, Director of the Vak Choir of “everyday” voices, finds inspiration in the vast array of usages of sound that span the yoga tradition — including Vedic mantra, Tantric bija mantras, kirtan, naada yoga, sanskrit and the roots of classical Indian music — to create contemporary works that reconnect participants and audience alike with the innate power of sound as a tool of transformation. There will be sonic episodes through out the museum culminating in Samsung Hall. 

    The evening also includes the opening of an installation in our resource center, which features graphic designer Chiraag Bhakta’s project #WhitePeopleDoingYoga, a collection of hundreds of commercial objects produced from the 1960s to the present, serving as a critique of the commercialization and Westernization of yoga. DJ Tender Buttons plays.

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