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  • Gorgeous Idea: Behind Closed Doors with Michael Stabile

    Evenings, Talks & Lectures, and part of Thursday Nights

    Sep 11

    Free with museum admission ($5 after 5 PM)

    7—8 PM

    Meet near the information desk

    What is so powerful about the erotic image? How does the erotic inspire, transform and politicize the viewer? From an ancient phallic sculpture and sexualized deities in Gorgeous to vintage physique photography and modern fetish websites, we'll discuss the unique ability of the erotic to challenge cultural assumptions.

    Gorgeous Idea events are informal, impromptu in-gallery conversations facilitated by scholars, artists, filmmakers and writers who explore ideas arising from the artwork on view in the exhibition Gorgeous. Each facilitator will present an idea that piques his or her curiosity and host a session to investigate it through two or three artworks.

    Michael Stabile is a journalist and documentary filmmaker best known for his work about gay history, sex and pornography. His written work has appeared in Playboy, The Daily Beast, Buzzfeed and Salon.com. Stabile is the director of Seed Money, a documentary about Falcon Studios's founder and GLBT philanthropist Chuck Holmes, and Smut Capital of America, about the rise of the porn industry in the late ’60s. Stabile is at work on a documentary about transgender Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn.

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Thursday Nights are supported by Nordstrom. Additional support is provided by The Hearst Foundations, Dodge & Cox, and The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation. 

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