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Emperors' Treasures

Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Jun 17 —
Sep 18, 2016

First floor special exhibition galleries

Behold a treasure trove of emperors’ prized possessions, including artworks they themselves created. 

Passed from dynasty to dynasty and once sheltered in Beijing’s Forbidden City, these masterpieces of Chinese art were conveyed to Taiwan amid conflict and now reside in the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Discover more than 150 objects from one of the world’s greatest collections of Chinese art, more than half of which will be on view in the U.S. for the first time. Rarely seen outside the court at the time of their creation, these artworks inherited an aura of mystery that has fueled an enduring fascination. Characterized by their extraordinary splendor, beauty and richness, these objects represent the highlights of China’s artistic accomplishments.  

Through exquisite paintings, ceramics, jades and more, Emperors’ Treasures explores the identities of nine rulers who reigned from the 12th through 20th centuries. By examining each ruler’s contribution to the arts and the eras’ changing styles, this exhibition reveals how emperors’ personal tastes shaped the evolution of art in China.


【皇帝品味】 的選展文物,涵蓋十二至二十世紀初八百年,包括書畫、瓷器、玉器、漆器及織繡等。展覽以八位皇帝和慈禧皇太后為焦點人物,通過洞察他們的個人品味、藝術造詣以及人格品性,探討皇室家族的理念和行為,對文化藝術的發展產生的深刻影響,展現在漢、蒙、滿族統治下的帝國時代,各種藝術門類的豐碩成果及其賦予的時代特色,蔚然大觀。

Calligraphy with Master Cai Xingyi

July 23, 2016
1:30–3 PM

Learn from Master Cai Xingyi as he demonstrates and explains various scripts used in ancient China. He will demonstrate running script, one of the hardest to perfect and interpret. 

Register for the master’s workshop and learn the basics of Chinese calligraphy.  Learn More & Register...

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Treasures at the Museum Store

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