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Tomb Treasures

New Discoveries from China’s Han Dynasty
Feb 17 —
May 28, 2017

Royal life unearthed.
One of the most powerful civilizations of the ancient world, China’s Han dynasty achieved profound cultural and artistic influence, technological advancements and military might. Two thousand years later, discoveries of royal tombs allow us to glimpse these extraordinary accomplishments firsthand.

Emulating their grand palaces, Han royals built lavishly furnished tombs so that, in the afterlife, no need would go unmet. Daily utensils, kitchen vessels, royal symbols, weaponry and even toiletries were all accounted for. And the nobility spared no expense preserving the tools of earthly pleasures — food, music, wine, sex — in anticipation of an afterlife to surpass this world.

On view for the first time in the U.S., 160 rare selections from recent excavations — including a jade coffin, rare bronze bells, elaborate crafts and much more — share the extravagance, artistry and elegance of Han royal clans.

The Asian Art Museum is the only venue for this exhibition.
漢朝是古代世界中最強大的文明之一。大漢盛世在文化、藝術、科學、軍事各個領域碩果累累,影響非凡。距漢末兩千年後,2009 年江蘇省的考古新發現終於給觀眾們親身領會漢代繁榮文化的機會。


「王陵瑰寶」所展出的160件文物都是首次在美國亮相,鑲玉漆棺、青銅編鐘、及眾多精美絕倫的工藝品,代表近年來中國重要的考古發現。而典雅的藝術品使觀眾們得以瞭解漢代皇族奢華浪漫的故事。 亞洲藝術博物館是這次展覽唯一的展出場所。