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Andrew Witrak

In my work, I play around with the images of travel, with an emphasis on leisure, the getaway.
I am drawn to the idea of a warm tropical luxury holiday, but can’t help but question that desire. I approach my work with the awareness that this desire is double edged by combining the alluring and troubling aspects of escape. There is always that literal and figurative baggage. The video appropriates stock images of leisure and relaxation that don’t represent anywhere in particular. I’ve never been to Asia, but I have seen an endless array of clichéd images of tropical resorts there. What strikes me is the way they contain all the deluxe Western amenities, and very little evidence of indigenous culture. 

Trouble in Paradise #2 is a swimming pool float studded with cocktail umbrellas, the standard garnish for a Mai Tai. The object is pretty and colorful, but fragile and dangerous if it were to be used. It’s meant as an emblem for the illusion of carefree escape.
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