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Artists: Proximities 1

Meet the artists of Proximities 1: What Time Is It There?
  • Elisheva Biernoff 
  • Elisheva Biernoff paints postcards of endangered animals to explore the experience of ritualized nature, and the threat of cultural loss.

  • Lisa K. Blatt 
  • Lisa K. Blatt photographs light and dark landscapes, reflecting on the cultural implications of visibility and perception.

  • Ala Ebtekar 
  • Ala Ebtekar combines actual and fictional realities as a process of reflection on Persian identities past and present.

  • James Gobel 
  • Starting with the notion of national flags, James Gobel imagines a voyage to the Philippines.

  • Tucker Nichols
  • Tucker Nichols takes installation to a level of self-discovery, raising questions about form, function, and boundaries of everyday objects and cultural spaces.

  • Larry Sultan
  • Larry Sultan's photographs look inside the meanings and varieties of home—physical, emotional, cultural homes, casting them with shades of comfort, longing, and newness.

  • Andrew Witrak 
  • Andrew Witrak dispels the illusion of carefree escape to faraway paradise uncoupled from local culture, a theme that shapes his symbolic installations.