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Gorgeous Artwork Highlights

We should talk…
Walking through the Gorgeous galleries, you’ll notice we’ve done things a little differently this time around. Rather than a historical organization, our curators have arranged the show into fluid “groupings” that provide potential associative links. Most of the artworks could be placed in more than one category, and the arrangements we’ve selected represent only a few of many possibilities. 

With Gorgeous, we’re moving away from the more traditional predetermined museum experience and proposing a unique opportunity for dialogue. According to Forrest McGill, co-curator of Gorgeous, even among curators there’s been, “a very lively set of conversations and debate while developing the show.”

You’re sure to have some ideas of your own, and that’s exactly the point. In the slideshow above, you’ll find images of artwork from our curators’ groupings: Seduction, Dress Up, Pose, In Bounds, Danger, Beyond Imperfection, Reiteration, Fantasy, Evocation and On Reflection. 

Take a look at the slideshow and ask yourself, which piece might belong to which category? After you’ve come up with an answer, visit the museum to find out whether or not we agree!