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In Grand Style: Themes

Visitors can spot and identify connections between more than 110 objects, grouped thematically.
In the first theme, To Be a King in the Joseon Dynasty: From Birth to Throne, the historical transitions of the Joseon dynasty and the meaning of being a king are traced.

In Royal Procession and Banquets: King Jeongjo’s 1795 Visit to his Father’s Tomb in Hwaseong we present art relating to royal celebrations surrounding a king’s historic journey.

Several artworks highlighting the importance of women's roles during the Joseon dynasty are featured in Women at the Royal Court: Ceremony and Celebration during the 19th Century.

The final theme is Life and Celebrations of the Elite: Birthdays, Weddings and Achievements
Among the objects marking weddings, banquets and celebrations are a bridal robe and a ceremonial parasol.