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Weddings during the Joseon dynasty were influenced by Confucian tradition, which calls for many small rituals to take place throughout the ceremony.
In Korea, marriage represents the joining of two families rather than simply the bond between two individuals. It is the largest and most important ritual among the four ceremonial occasions in Korea (coming of age, wedding, funeral, and ancestral rites). 

There are several procedures that make up the wedding ceremony:

  • Chohaeng-gilThe groom's procession to the bride's family for the wedding.
  • Jeonan-ryeThe groom presents a goose, which is known as having only one mate throughout its lifetime, to the bride's parents in order to make a promise that they will stay husband and wife for life.
  • Gyobae-rye: The bride and the groom accept each other by facing and bowing to one another.
  • Hapgeun-rye: The bride and groom drink the wine together from the gourd dipper as an act of making an oath to stay as one