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Life and Celebrations of the Elite

Many aspects of Korean art during the Joseon period reflect spiritual themes: bringing good fortune, repelling evil spirits and conveying hopes for a long life.
These themes are found in the symbolism of objects like paintings and clothing, and in the traditions observed on major Korean holidays such as Lunar New Year and Thanksgiving.
Thousands of people participated in the festive events depicted in Welcoming Ceremonies for the Governor of Pyeong-an, involving night boating on Daedong River and celebrations at Yeon-gwang and Bubyeok pavilions.

Elaborate bridal robes (pictured in the slideshow) were originally part of a princess's ceremonial attire, but commoners were allowed to wear them too, although only for wedding ceremonies. Patterns are often embroidered on these robes, including the Ten Symbols of Longevity (turtle, deer, crane, pine tree, bamboo, clouds, mountains, water, sun and mushroom of immortality).