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Byron Peters

Byron Peters employs the ways in which labor is outsourced and fractured into strangely dematerialized states.
Rather than adding consumable material objects into the marketplace, his work takes the form of digital images, video, and conversations, in processes that often involve commissioning other workers towards unexpected results and collaborations. This untitled projection in Proximities 3: Import/Export is the result of such an interaction.

He contracted with an architectural firm in Shenzhen, China, to produce a rendering of the sky above their workplace. The firm specializes in the visualization of luxury homes to be constructed in North America and Europe. The artist asked the company to render a subject without a blueprint: the sky itself.

For payment, the firm agreed to complete this task for the price of fifty Facebook “likes.” Use of the omnipresent social media network in lieu of monetary exchange compounds the implications of this dematerialized transaction. The images of clouds and other atmospheric elements could be almost anywhere, pointing to the illusory nature of the product and payment, and a di"use idea of geographical representation. 

The slideshow depicts other works by Byron Peters. Learn more about the artist on his website.