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Roads of Arabia Themes

Visitors can explore the recent archaeological discoveries that have radically transformed our understanding of the Arabian Peninsula’s ancient past.
Beginning with the some of earliest excavated evidence of humankind, the show’s first theme, Prehistoric Arabia, presents a number of eye-opening artifacts, including prehistoric stone animals and tools, some of which are more than a million years old.

In Incense Roads, you’ll find material and artistic evidence of the cultural exchanges between Arabia and its diverse neighbors during its Pre-Islamic period, an era for which there is abundant literary testimony but no prior tangible evidence of major cultural contributions.

Pilgrimage Roads explores the rise of Islam and the cultural impact of the multitudes of pilgrims now visiting Mecca and Medina, the spiritual centers of the expanding Muslim community.

The final theme, Formation of the Kingdom, offers an intimate glimpse of the possessions of King Abdulaziz (1876–1953) and his challenging road to unifying and founding the present-day kingdom of Saudi Arabia.