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Tucker Nichols

I have been drawing and painting bottles, vases, rocks, and branches for as long as I can remember.
This is partly due to the fact that my mother is a florist and an antique dealer, so I grew up in a house filled with these kinds of objects. It's also in part because I studied the history of Chinese painting for many years, and I worked as the chief preparator at Asia Society in New York, spending countless hours handling exquisite ceramics in the storage rooms there. I found the forms to be good for thinking about all kinds of bigger topics like people's relationship with nature, the changing value of things, and how we think about the past. Recently I've been arranging groups of these drawings onto fake two-dimensional shelves that I screw directly to the wall. I like the idea of building an improbable storage shelf where objects from a thrift store and the Asian Art Museum’s collection are all mixed together.

For more information visit Tucker Nichols' website or download his CV.