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Community Speakers Program: We Bring the Museum to You

Can’t make it to the museum to see our masterpieces or the current special exhibition? Or perhaps your group is planning a visit and wants a sneak preview of our can’t-miss artworks? 

A docent from the Asian Art Museum's Community Speakers Program (CSP) can deliver an educational and entertaining multimedia talk at your location. CSP topics range from special exhibition highlights to thematic talks such as Celebrate Lunar New YearGlobalization in the Ancient World and The Asian Art Museum: Golden Jubilee

Reserve a talk now...

To learn more, email, or call 415.581.3664. We look forward to bringing the museum to you. 


Tomb Treasures: New Discoveries from China's Han Dynasty
Recently discovered objects from royal tombs reveal the extravagance, artistry and elegance of China’s Han dynasty. Book now...


The Asian Art Museum: Golden Jubilee
The Asian Art Museum turns 50 in 2016! From its modest start with a gift of 3,500 Chinese works, the museum’s collection has grown to hold over 18,000 objects spanning 6,000 years of history, seen by 300,000 visitors annually. Learn about this unique Bay Area resource, including its history, the role the city of San Francisco played in its creation, the transformation of the former Main Library into a modern museum facility, its unique masterpieces and its expanding leadership in the field of contemporary Asian Art. Book now...

The Silk Road: Globalization in the Ancient World
Before jet planes and smartphones, merchants and pilgrims spent months traveling over perilous land and sea routes to carry luxury goods and new ideas thousands of miles across lost civilizations. Accompany the travelers over high mountain passes and parched deserts on their voyages of discovery and exchange. Book now...

Jade: Stone of Heaven
If you think diamonds are forever, wait until you learn about jade. Jade objects were valued by Chinese emperors and fought over by Mughal princes. For 7,000 years, this lustrous gemstone has been treasured for its rarity, beauty and symbolic value. Book now...

The Goddess: Images of Power
Gods are not the only powerful deities. The goddesses of Asia range from bloodthirsty destroyers to heroic warriors, benevolent wish granters and healers. Explore the role of the goddess image in Asian art as worshipped across different religions, times and cultures. Book now...

Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art
Look again at the flower and bird on that Chinese painting, robe or vase. Most likely it has a hidden meaning or even a secret message. Learn how to decipher these symbolic images and read the secret messages in Chinese art. Book now...

The Asian Art Museum Docent Program is generously supported by Charles D. and Frances K. Field Fund, Bonhams, the Society for Asian Art, and many individual docents.