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Contributors’ Consultation Day

Contributor’s Consultation Day is an educational opportunity for members at the Contributor-level to bring objects from their collection and meet with a curator to identify, date, attribute, and give historical and stylistic knowledge of their objects.
If members have questions about the care of their objects, additional information can be provided from a conservator. 

Who: Contributor level members and above

What: Consultation with our curators about your artwork
  • Bring up to 3 objects
  • Japanese objects are only seen in the afternoon, however may be seen in combination with objects from other countries
  • No information about the objects will be provided in writing
  • Monetary value of the objects will not be assessed
When: 3rd Friday of every month (except December)
  • One appointment a year per membership
  • Consultations will last approximately 20 minutes
To make an appointment or for more information please call Tashina Garcia-Garza: (415) 581-3678

Please note Contributor’s Consultation Day is purely educational. In accordance with IRS guidelines, museum staff are prohibited from giving monetary appraisals. If you require an appraisal, information can be obtained through the American Society of Appraisers at or call (800) 272-8258.