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Donate Stock

Donating appreciated stocks or securities is a wonderful way to give a gift of lasting value to the Asian Art Museum.
With donation of individual stock or mutual fund assets, individuals may be able to receive valuable tax benefits as well.

For information on how to donate part of your portfolio, please contact Danielle Magana at 415.581.3780, or by email at

What's all this about tax benefits? It's simple.

If you own an asset that has appreciated in value, you normally pay capital gains tax once you sell the asset. You could then donate the proceeds directly to the museum.

However, if you simply donated the stock instead, you wouldn't incur any capital gains. You would be able to deduct the full value of the appreciated shares, thereby saving on taxes. Moreover, the museum would benefit from a larger gift than you may otherwise have been able to give.

Of course, we are art lovers—not financial advisers—so we cannot give you specific legal or tax advice. The example above is merely illustrative.

Download a Stock Transfer Form