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Membership FAQs

Why have membership levels and benefits changed?
This membership model, which took effect on Jul. 1, 2019, is the result of in-depth member research and your direct feedback through member surveys. We listened to your comments and concerns and learned that you are looking for more opportunities to engage deeply with the museum. In response, we have introduced enhanced benefits. We are excited to provide you with more opportunities to engage with our collection, exhibitions, programming and curators.

How do I add Rhino Club to my membership?
Already a member? Give us a call at 415.581.3740. Not yet a member? Join today! You'll choose your membership level first, then add Rhino Club.

How long is my membership valid for?
A membership is valid for one year.

How do I upgrade to a higher member level?
You can increase your membership support any time by contacting the Membership team during office hours (Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM) at 415.581.3740 or stopping by our member desk during museum hours (Tuesday–Sunday, 10 AM–5 PM). If you pay the full amount of the higher level, we will add 12 months to your current membership and immediately upgrade your member benefits. You may also pay the difference for the higher member level and keep your current membership expiration date.

I would like to buy a gift membership for someone. How can I do this?
An Asian Art Museum membership is the gift that keeps giving all year long!  You can purchase a gift membership by calling the Membership team at 415.581.3740 or visiting the member desk. Your gift recipient will receive a special gift packet in the mail within three weeks.

Do you offer small business or community memberships?
Yes, we offer memberships for community organizations, libraries and small businesses throughout the Bay Area. Employees and supporters of partnering organizations have the opportunity to be an Asian Art Museum member for a day -- and visit the museum for free! Learn about our small business membership and community organization memberships.

Can my membership be cancelled or revoked?
Memberships are not refundable under any circumstances. While a membership cannot be cancelled, a membership can be transferred to another individual's name under special circumstances, like an out-of-state move.

Memberships are revocable. The Asian Art Museum reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership and/or deny admission without refund for inappropriate conduct, such as selling complimentary member tickets or being disruptive to other visitors.

How long will it take for my membership materials to arrive in the mail? Can I still visit the museum without my card?
You will receive your new member card/s and tax acknowledgement letter in the mail within three to four weeks from the day of purchase. However, please note that during very busy times, like during the holidays or before a special exhibition opens, it may take longer. If you come to the museum before you receive your member card, check in at the member desk and present a photo ID, and you will be issued a temporary member card.

How many member cards should I have?
Member ($119), Senior ($89), Out of Region ($89), Student ($89), and Teacher ($89) receive one member card. All other membership levels come with two member cards.

How many admissions do I get with my membership? What about for member receptions and events?
Member ($119), Senior ($89), Out of Region ($89), Student ($89), and Teacher ($89) receive two free admissions per visit (the cardholder and one guest).

Member Plus ($179), Member Premium ($249), and Friend ($500) receive up to four free admissions per visit (the cardholder and up to three guests, or two cardholders and one guest each).

Patron ($1,000) and The Forum ($2,500) receives up to six free admissions per visit (the cardholder and up to five guests or two cardholders and two guests each).

For all member receptions and events, admission is limited to two people, regardless of one's membership level. Reservations are required unless otherwise noted. Please check your invitation for additional event details.

Can I give my member cards to family and friends to use at the museum?
No, member cards are nontransferable. The member cardholder must be present in order for the member guest to receive free admission.

When you (1) belong to the Member level or above and/or (2) add Rhino Club to your membership, you receive a one-time use guest pass good for admission for two people — great for when you have unaccompanied friends who would like to visit the museum for free.

What happens if I lose my member card?
You can request a one-time replacement member card at no charge. Call 415.581.3740, email or visit us at the member desk to request a new card. Please let us know if you need one or both member cards replaced.

What is a reciprocal membership?
Members at the Member Premium, Friend, Patron and The Forum levels receive reciprocal membership to 1,000 museums across the US with a current member card and reciprocal partner stickers. Learn more about our reciprocal membership program.

Can you tell me more about my discount on parking?
You receive a discount on parking at the UC Hastings parking garage when you have your ticket validated at the member desk (Tues-Sun during regular museum hours only). Here are the rates for members:

Asian Art Museum member rates:
0 - 1 hour: $3 (standard fee, no discount)
1 - 1.5 hours: $6 (standard fee, no discount)
1.5 - 4 hours: $9 (flat rate)
$3 every half hour afterwards (until the $27 daily maximum)