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Artists Drawing Club

The Artists Drawing Club is an experiment. What happens when the museum invites six dynamic artists working in a variety of materials and subject matter to create something new, using the institution as a project platform?
Whether artists find inspiration in the museum’s collection, special exhibitions, the building, neighborhood or our current moment, these artist-driven projects are responses to the world around us.

The Artists Drawing Club isn’t about the act of drawing, but drawing connections between ideas, time, cultures and the bigger picture. Focused on process, ideas and interaction, the results of the Artists Drawing Club are unique and unknown, formed by each artist’s work and perspective. Many of the artists featured in this year’s series consider the current atmosphere in which we are living and will investigate ideas related to power, trust, resilience and memory.

Thursday, July 20
Ryan Tacata

Thursday, August 10
Victoria Fu

Thursday, August 24
Shiva Ahmadi & Sharad Patel

Thursday, September 14
Quincy Stamper

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Thursday Nights are supported in part by The Hearst Foundations, Dodge & Cox, and The Joseph & Mercedes McMicking Foundation.

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