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Couture Korea

우리의 옷, 한복
Nov 3, 2017 —
Feb 4, 2018

In “Between East and West,” the works in the Hambrecht Gallery transition into the present day, with creations by two senior fashion designers. Jin Teok (b. 1934) and Karl Lagerfeld (b. 1938) have searched for innovative ways to revive Korea’s fashion traditions. Both are celebrated designers of Western couture who have sought out their own distinctive and provocative ways to reinterpret Korean traditions and motifs in a contemporary and global context.

Meet the Designers
Jin Teok (b. 1934), a fashion pioneer who began her career in the early postwar era in South Korea, is passionate about reinterpreting traditional Korean art and fashion. In this exhibition, five representative designs showcase her creative process in remaking the traditions of the past. Since the 1990s, when she was active in Paris and participated in several international fashion shows, she has conducted extensive research on traditional Korean clothing, motifs, and sensibility to inform her works. At times, Jin includes traditional Korean symbols, subjects, or details from paintings as patterns on her designs, or she incorporates traditional Korean motifs into Western materials, styles, and shapes. In doing so, Jin joins the visual language of the past with contemporary fashion sensibility.

In 2015, the Chanel Cruise collection fashion show at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea, attracted enormous attention in the fashion world. Since 2000, Karl Lagerfeld (b. 1938), the creative director of Chanel, has presented the Cruise collection in various cities where he gained inspiration. Seoul was the third city he chose in Asia, following Singapore and Dubai. For the 2016 Chanel Cruise collection, Lagerfeld created designs that were influenced by traditional Korean clothing as well as by Korean artworks.