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Chengyu & Auspicious Decoration

Artist Hung Yi decorated Dragon Fortune with an abundance of patterns and symbols. 
Some of the imagery is taken from our modern world, including metallic, mechanized gears and colorful sneakers. He uses a color palette reminiscent of children’s comics and cartoons that is also inspired by bright hues used in Taiwanese folk art. Flowers, like the peony and plum blossom, are associated with the symbolism of wealth, honor, and purity in addition to being festive and beautiful. Smiling gold ingots carry connotations of prosperity.

The dragon is also covered in chengyu, poetic idiomatic expressions usually made up of four Chinese characters, artfully arranged in round medallions. Chengyu are used widely in conversation, and often relate to themes from Chinese folk tales, history, or philosophy. Auspicious phrases like the ones here are used to wish people well in many ways: long life, a loving marriage, success in business, good health, happy family, and a prosperous new year.

  日日進財 (ri ri jin cai)
May fortune arrive every day
  花好月圓 (hua hao yue yuan)
Wishing you a perfect marriage (Literally, "Blooming flowers and a full moon")
  八方來財 (ba fang lai cai)
May fortune pour in from all sides
  只見財來 (zhi jian cai lai)
May your wealth be plentiful
  吉祥如意 (ji xiang ru yi)
Wishing you good fortune and may all your wishes come true
  黃金萬兩 (huang jin wan liang)
May you have ten thousand pounds of gold
  喜氣滿堂 (xi qi man tang)
May happiness fill your home
  四季平安 (si ji ping an)
Wishing you peace throughout the four seasons
  五穀豐登 (wu gu feng deng)
Wishing you a bountiful harvest
  生意興隆 (sheng yi xing long)
May your business flourish
  日日有財 (ri ri you cai)
Wishing you fortune every day
  一帆風順 (yi fan feng shun)
May you have smooth sailing with the wind at your back
  福祿壽喜 (fu lu shou xi)
Wishing you good fortune, wealth, longevity, and happiness
  日進斗金 (ri jin dou jin)
May you earn profits every day
  招財進寶 (zhao cai jin bao)
May you have wealth and success
  五福臨門 (wu fu lin men)
May the five blessings descend upon your home (The five blessings: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a prosperous family)
  金玉滿堂 (jin yu man tang)
May you have abundant wealth and knowledge (Literally, "May gold and jade fill the hall")

當代 2014年 洪易作 福龍 鋼板燒琺瑯 
Dragon Fortune, 2014, by Hung Yi (Taiwanese, b. 1970). Baked enamel on steel plate. Asian Art Museum, Gift of Victor Ou, InSian Gallery, F2016.3. © Hung Yi. Photograph © Asian Art Museum.