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Painting Is My Everything

Art from India’s Mithila Region
Sep 7 —
Dec 30, 2018

Shalinee Kumari

Indian artist Shalinee Kumari is making a rare visit to the United States for a short residency at the museum in conjunction with the exhibition Painting Is My Everything: Art from India’s Mithila Region. Drop in to watch Kumari create a new work and witness the process of Mithila painting with your own eyes. 
Born in 1985 in a rural Mithila village, Kumari studied geography before attending Mithila Art Institute. Now based in Hyderabad, India, she is one of the young female artists who is pushing the boundaries of Mithila painting by using the centuries-old style for personal self-expression. Her work focuses on topics of global concern that are also pressing issues in her life and community, including climate change, terrorism and gender equality.  


Wednesday, Oct 17– Artist Demonstration: Shalinee Kumari, Mithila Painting

Thursday, Oct 18 – Artist Demonstration: Shalinee Kumari, Mithila Painting

Friday, Oct 19 – Mithila Painting Lecture Demonstration with Shalinee Kumari

Sunday, Oct 21 at 11 AM – Mithila Painting Workshop for familes: Shalinee Kumari

Sunday, Oct 21 at 1 PM – Mithila Painting Workshop for familes: Shalinee Kumari