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Pop-Up Meditation

In conjunction with our special exhibition, Divine Bodies, join us for...
Esther Gokhale
Esther Gokhale
Pop-up Meditation: Posture and Healing
Saturday, June 30 
10:30 AM–12 PM
Education Studios

Esther Gokhale, the “Posture Guru of Silicon Valley,” guides us in using the works on view in Divine Bodies to reset our shoulders, elongate our spines and restore our natural, pain-free architecture. The artworks in the exhibition show us older, wiser way of using our bodies. For modern viewers, surrounded as we are by distorted, hunched postures, the healthful Buddha figures and poised sculptures of Hindu gods provide welcome inducements to improve ourselves. Research has shown our species to be natural mimics; ancient art gives us something better to strive toward.

Presenting Sponsor

The Asian Art Museum’s Pop-up Meditation Series is made possible with support from Kaiser Permanente.