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Emperors' Treasures

Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Jun 17 —
Sep 18, 2016

Priceless Pork Belly
Priceless Pork Belly
Don’t miss the U.S. debut of “Meat-shaped stone,” the world-famous Chinese sculpture resembling braised pork belly. This priceless pork belly is one of the rare Chinese imperial artworks featured in Emperors’ Treasures: Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei, on view at the Asian Art Museum from June 17 – September 18, 2016.

Learn how you can see, eat, make, and hear it.



Meat shaped stone
This Qing dynasty sculpture was carved from a piece of banded jasper, a naturally occurring stone that forms in layers, the artwork resembles a thick slab of dongpo rou, or braised pork belly. Capitalizing on the jasper’s natural appearance, the unknown Qing-dynasty artist carved the stone until it resembled layers of pork skin, lean meat and fat. Then the skin layer was stained, which, along with the veining of the stone, enhances the illusion. 

Traveling outside of Asia for the first time, this artwork is one of the highlights of the exhibition. When on display in Japan in 2014, the stone drew an average of 6,000 people per day. Even noted chef, author and TV foodie Anthony Bourdain called the artwork “the pork of my dreams.” 

The "Meat-shaped stone" is exhibited in the Resource Room on the first floor. See map...

Above: Meat-shaped stone. Qing dynasty (1644–1911). Jasper with gold stand. National Palace Museum, Taipei, Guza 000178 Lü-413. Photograph © National Palace Museum, Taipei.


Meat shaped stone
“肉形石”於2014年在日本展出期間,平均每天有6000人爭相觀賞這塊逼真的“肉形石”,並掀起了一陣東坡肉的小熱潮。知名大廚、作家和電視美食家Anthony Bourdain第一次見到這件作品時,甚至稱之為“夢中之肉”。


上圖:清朝 肉形石、海濤蓮花紋金座,故雜00178。臺北國立故宮博物院版權所有。


Cafe Asia dongpo pork 
“肉形石”是不是讓你對五花肉產生了特別強烈的渴望呢?不用擔心,我們將在【皇帝品味】展期間於博物館的餐廳中推出東坡肉。亞洲餐廳的大廚Melinda Quirino用傳統食材,何精心的製作使得豬肉有著讓人垂涎欲滴的甜鹹風味,達到鮮嫩多汁的經典口感。用藝術品大飽眼福,再用美食來征服你的味覺。

Chef Jason Halverson Stones Throw Warm pork belly Banh Mi style with pate 5 spice aioli spicy cucumbers and crispy sourdough Photo Alanna Hale

加入博物館為期一個月的五花肉美食盛宴:從6月17日到7月17日,有十二位舊金山大廚在他們的餐廳中推出由“肉形石”啟發的招牌五花肉菜品,其中包括來自Mister Jiu's的Brandon Jew、Mission Chinese Food的Danny Bowien、以及The Slanted Door的Michelle Mah,等美食藝術家。

Belly Bao

Tasting Menu: The Chairman
6月23日(週四),6:30 PM—9:00PM
$15, 含【皇帝品味】展覽門票,$5(會員價)

The Chairman的創始人之一Kevin Kiwata和大廚Curtis Lam講座。他們將討論廣受歡迎的連鎖餐車和餐廳背後的創新和概念,以及創造他們人氣“BAO”菜單的合作過程。前來學習締造他們成功品牌的創意和商業頭腦,再來品嚐他們的 “BAO”。這是博物館全新的美食系列晚間活動之一。更多活動詳情。

7月7日(週四),6—9 PM

為了紀念“肉形石”在美國的首秀,博物館特別推出PORK向傑作和東坡肉致敬。策展助理Jamie Chu將介紹這道豬肉料理背後富有詩意的歷史背景,以及這件藝術作品背後的靈感來源。令人激動的東坡肉新創意料理將會由當地的四位美食創意家製作,包括The Chairman、 傳統日式料理的店Aedan Fermented創始人Mariko Grady。在他們呈上美味的東坡肉料理之後,觀眾們還可以領取一份“五花肉護照”用來紀錄品嚐每一道菜的感想。現場還會有DJ Umami 表演、付費酒水、以及【皇帝品味】的特殊美食導覽。千萬不要錯過!更多活動詳情


Cafe Asia dongpo pork
Cafe Asia dongpo pork 
Has the "Meat-shaped stone" left you with a serious craving? We've got you covered. Dongpo rou, the braised pork belly dish rendered so realistically in jasper by an unknown Qing-dynasty artist, is available at Cafe Asia during the Emperors' Treasures exhibition. Chef Melinda Quirino seasons the pork with soy sauce, sugar, ginger and other ingredients for a mouthwatering blend of sweet and savory, then braises it for over two hours to achieve the signature succulent texture. Feast your eyes on the art, then enjoy a literal feast. 

Priceless Pork Belly, Plated
Tribute Dishes from 13 Restaurants in SF
June 17 – July 17, 2016
Chef Jason Halverson Stones Throw Warm pork belly Banh Mi style with pate 5 spice aioli spicy cucumbers and crispy sourdough Photo Alanna Hale
Join us for a monthlong porkfest to welcome the U.S. debut of the famous "Meat-shaped stone." In tribute to this celebrated work of art, 12 San Francisco chefs, including Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu's, Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese, and Michelle Mah of The Slanted Door, have created signature pork belly dishes inspired by the "Meat-shaped stone." These dishes will be featured in their restaurants for four week only, from June 17 through July 17, 2016. Learn more... 

Related Programs
Belly Bao
Celebrate pork at two upcoming museum events that explore intersections between art and cuisine. 

Tasting Menu: The Chairman
Thursday, June 23, 6:30-9 PM
$5 after 5 PM, $10 to access to Emperors' Treasures, FREE for members

Join The Chairman co-owner Kevin Kiwata and chef Curtis Lam as they talk about the idea behind the popular food truck chain and restaurant, and the collaborative process of creating their delicious bao menu. Get a taste of the creativity and business smarts that came together to build the successful brand, then sample a bite of bao. Learn more... 

Thursday, July 7, 6-9 PM
$15, includes access to Emperors' Treasures, $5 (for members)
More details and tickets...
In honor of the U.S. debut of the "Meat-shaped stone," the museum presents PORK, a tribute to both the masterpiece and dongpo rou. Jamie Chu, curatorial project assistant, will introduce the history of the pork dish and the inspiration behind the artwork. Exciting new interpretations of dongpo rou will be prepared by four local foodie innovators, including The Chairman and Mariko Grady, founder of Aedan Fermented, which produces traditional Japanese fermented foods. After they present their mouthwatering interpretations of dongpo rou, you can grab a pork passport and sample each dish (while supplies last). The night also includes music by DJ Umami, a cash bar and a special food-themed tour of Emperors' Treasures.




Make this tasty treasure at home with our handy step-by-step video to preparing dongpo rou. All you’ll need are a few ingredients, available at most Asian grocery stores, and cooking supplies hiding around the kitchen. Be advised: The process is time-consuming — you should budget about four hours from start to finish. But the juicy, tender, sweet-and-savory pork belly is worth every minute you’ll spend — trust us. 

Delight your taste buds, impress your friends (if you feel like sharing), and eat like a king (or should we say an emperor).

Make It Vegan
Vegan dongpo rou
Don't eat pork, but still want to taste this iconic dish? Try our vegan recipe featuring winter melon and green jackfruit...


In the mood for… pork? This sizzling set brings together two seemingly unrelated subjects: meat and stones. From punk rock to Motown, this positively punny playlist will surely jumpstart your dongpo party. Let’s face it. Pork rocks.

Listen to Pork Rocks...


If you’ve still got an appetite for pork, head to the museum store for some meaty mementos. We’ve got “Meat-shaped stone” paperweights, pens, magnets and more, all for under $20.

Bonus: If an attractive stranger asks to borrow a pen, you’ll be equipped with a conversation starter that immediately identifies you as an art lover and a foodie.

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