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Project FAQs

Why is the museum adding a pavilion?
We're adding a special exhibition pavilion to offer better and more special exhibition experiences for the diverse audiences we serve. The museum is known for presenting important art exhibitions from the ancient to the contemporary. The expanded square footage and flexible configuration of the new pavilion will allow us to present larger and more complex projects.  

When do you anticipate beginning construction and when will the pavilion be completed? 
We anticipate starting in 2017, with the project taking about 12 to 16 months to complete.  

Will the building look like the rendering?
The image shared is a conceptual rendering to give people an idea of the size and location of the addition. More refined plans, including the design of the exterior, will be developed as the project progresses.   

Will the museum close for any period of time to accommodate the addition of the pavilion?

No, we don’t anticipate closing.  

Are you planning any changes to the collection galleries?

Our collection galleries are always changing with the rotation of new artworks and smaller exhibitions on the second and third floors. We’re also working to better showcase the museum’s masterpieces, and that work will accelerate.  

The announcement mentions creating more flexible areas for cultural and community programming. What does that mean, and where do you envision that happening?

The museum’s first floor currently has only limited space for cultural activities, community programs, and room for visitors to recharge. The addition of the pavilion opens the door to new options and flexibility in considering how existing spaces are used.  

How will the project be funded?
The construction of the pavilion is fully funded by private donations, as part of a $25 million facility project that also includes updates to select spaces throughout the  museum, including our education classrooms. Over the past two years, the museum has raised more than $50 million to support this capital project, strengthen its operations, and grow its endowment.  

Why is the museum investing in its building?  

Building a strong museum for our next 50 years requires balancing growth and financial sustainability. The pavilion is a strategic investment in the future and the generations of visitors we look forward to serving. 

Image courtesy of wHY.