ALERTPlease note: the museum will be closed on Sunday, Feb 2 for a private event. The next Target First Free Sunday will take place on Feb 9.

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A Transformed Cafe

The first milestone in the Asian Art Museum’s ongoing transformation project will be Sunday at the Museum: a revitalized cafe experience helmed by chef Deuki Hong in partnership with Andrew Chau and Bin Chen of Boba Guys.

The New York Times' food reporter Ligaya Mishan broke the good news.

Known locally for his Korean fried chicken pop-up Sunday Bird, Hong brings a fresh perspective to iconic Asian cooking traditions. Hong’s menu will highlight a seasonal rotation of favorites from the home kitchens of Asian American families.

We are excited to be part of the energy of the Asian Art Museum’s transformation, rethinking how food and beverage can augment visual experiences in the galleries with the tastes and smells of Asia,” says Hong.

Chau and Chen, founders of Boba Guys, will oversee Sunday at the Museum’s beverage program. Known for their high-quality, distinctive milk teas, Chau and Chen will develop a full range of carefully selected, handcrafted hot and cold brews.

As its name suggests, Sunday at the Museum’s guiding philosophy is hospitality. The trio selected the name to evoke the warmth associated with a day dedicated to being with friends and family. “It’s a restorative day, one that celebrates togetherness, comfort,
and reconnecting with the things that matter most,” says Chen. We like the idea of spreading that notion throughout the week.

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