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Together, Let's Be___________

This interactive mural installation will grow and evolve as each participant adds their own story.
Together, Let’s Be ________ is a six-month long creative exploration that hopes to transform bystanders into active caring citizens.  

Art Side (Side A)
Straight from the hero’s journey, our ordinary world meets the special world in this whimsical slice-of-life mural. Filled with snapshots of everyday acts of heroism, imagine yourself in the scene as you contribute to the storyline.

Button Side (Side B)
Each month, this unique mural will unveil a new heroic skill for you to play with. Write or draw on a sticker how you imagine using this skill in an everyday situation and adhere it to the mural.  The hope is that if you can imagine it, it just might become real. And if it happens to become real, stop by your mural sticker and put a gold star on it to indicate that you did it!  Over time, the mural will be filled with everyday heroic acts, which will continue to provide inspiration for all those who witness it.  
Every contributor will receive a button with that month’s corresponding heroic skill (while supplies last). Come back every month to collect all six buttons! 

First Sundays, July 7–Dec 1

Participants will straddle the ordinary and special worlds as they step into the role of what it means to be a hero in their own lives. Join us as we explore where we’re at in our personal journeys through surprise pop-up installations that will bring out the hero in you! 

About the Creatives:
Alice Lee and Marie Applegate-Swanson are two local Bay Area creatives behind Together, Let’s Be ___________ .  This project is inspired by Dr. Philip Zimbardo and his Heroic Imagination Project, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and the Asian Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment (Jan-April 2020), as curated by Jeff Durham. 

Creative Director / Lead Artist Marie often finds herself amidst kids, scientists and creatives, oh my! Her participatory art installations dance in the middle of this venn diagram of perspectives. She hopes that Together, Let’s Be _________  will contribute toward a culture of emotional intelligence and prosocial behavior. In other words, remind people that we’re in it together! 

Artist Alice Lee is a human being who cares about consciousness, community, and connection. She is also an artist. Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, she now works from her art studio in the Mission as an independent illustrator and muralist. Alice's goal with her large-scale installation work is to create immersive, warm, and accessible experiences that bring people closer to each other.  

Special thanks to Allison Wyckoff and the Asian Art Museum for this continued exploration of creative compassion and connection at the Village Artist Corner.

About the Village Artist Corner
As part of a city initiative to revive underutilized public spaces with art, performance and community activities, San Francisco has created several installations through the Groundplay program. We are honored to share the Village Artist Corner (VAC) on the corner of Fulton and Larkin streets with the San Francisco Public Library. The VAC is a platform for creative compassion through installations, performances, art-making and other events, and includes a 30-foot-long mural wall that presents a rotating display of site-specific artworks.


The Village Artist Corner is funded through the generosity of The Family of Tania Vonelleese Seymour. Founding program support was made possible by Housing-Related Park Program from the State of California, facilitated by San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department; The Hearst Foundations; California Arts Council; San Francisco Grants for the Arts; and The NFL Foundation and 50 Fund, the legacy fund of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.