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Emperors' Treasures

Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Jun 17 —
Sep 18, 2016




"In an art-museum context the word 'experience,' with its overtones of infotainment or Disney, can send chills up your spine. And certainly, there's more than enough of that sort of experience at the moment. But when executed well—and it is being done superbly well right now at the Asian Art Museum—the result can be a multifaceted exhibition that enriches our understanding of the subject and renders it accessible without dumbing it down." 

— Eric Gibson, The Wall Street Journal

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 "A feast for the eyes." —The New York Times

"...there is no shortage of exquisite objects in Emperors’ Treasures." —The Wall Street Journal

" opportunity not to be missed." —The Wall Street Journal

"This unique exhibition stuns at every turn." —Asian Art Newspaper

"Go simply to enjoy the beauty, workmanship, rarity and value of these works." —San Jose Mercury News

"Strikingly modern." —San Jose Mercury News

"Emperors' Rule!" —Bay Area Reporter

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“The Asian, located right in Civic Center, always has very interesting beautiful exhibits, the current one [Emperor’s Treasures] is especially worth visiting. With exquisite jade work, extremely fine metal work decorating wood and pottery pieces, paintings and beautiful calligraphy on display in four galleries, it's one of the best exhibits I've seen there in years.” — @EdK

"At the Asian Art Museum's Emperors' Treasures exhibit. So much cool stuff to see, and a range of pieces that span nearly 1000 years!" —@danfreedman

Everyone's lining up to see #EmperorsTreasures @asianartmuseum" —@sarah_i_think

"As a child I was obsessed with the movie 'The Last Emperor' the current exhibit @asianartmuseum is treasures of the Emperor and it is amazing!!!! I highly suggest going to SF to see it!!!" —@ogsparklelove

"If you enjoy museums and Asian art, go to this museum. It has a good collection, and until Sept 18th you have a unique chance to marvel at the fantastic pieces in Emperors' Treasures, beautifully displayed in four rooms." —@CarlosT

"Breathtaking and beautifully curated." —@Chantal42

“Meat-shaped stone”

"In our foodie-friendly age, where shots of delicious meals rival art selfies for Instagram supremacy, the stone is now primed to become a hit in America on its first journey stateside. It even has a hashtag: #PricelessPorkBelly." —ArtNet News

"The food is as good as the art." —San Francisco Travel Association

"A feeding frenzy." —7x7

"Eat your weight in pork belly." —Thrillist's "Every Fun Thing You Absolutely Must Do This Summer"

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"The Chinese were way ahead of the #bacon / #porkbelly obsession. Behold, the meat stone at SF's @asianartmuseum" —@kateleahy

"Visiting the Asian Art Museum is always a treat, particularly with the #pricelessporkbelly on display in the exhibit and in the museum's cafe." —@journeyazeri5

"Is it weird that I drooled just so slightly when I saw this poster for a pork belly sculpture featured at the SF Asian Art Museum? I think I already know the answer to that question." —@ah_yu_in_cali

"Got to see the #pricelessporkbelly up close and personal and was left in awe. #noregrets" —@fangeats

"My mom says life imitates art, or something like that. #pricelessporkbelly 😂 🎨" —@eva.leanne