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Couture Korea

우리의 옷, 한복
Nov 3, 2017 —
Feb 4, 2018

“Couture Korea proves that in the often choked-up calendar of museum fashion exhibitions, there are still fascinating new subjects to explore that are fresh and full of feeling."

"Even if you don’t know gingham from “Gangnam Style,” there’s no denying Korea’s influence on contemporary fashion."
San Francisco Magazine

"Immerses audiences in the splendid sophistication of historical and contemporary Korean fashion."

"Looks beyond the artistry and craftsmanship of the fashions to their historical context and cultural significance."
— SF/Arts Monthly

"It’s the conversation between tradition and modernity that makes Korean fashion so ripe for exploration."
— San Francisco Chronicle

"Reminds us that fashion is more than what is worn; it is a reflection of societal nuances and a legacy that continues to inspire."
— Daily Cal

"Way cool."
Bay Area Reporter

"Not just for fashionistas."
The Mercury News

"I swooned over the beauty of the clothing."
— Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle