ALERTDuring lobby construction, visitors should use the far right-hand doors to enter the museum and check in at the new information desk in Bowes South Court. Learn more.

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The Asian Art Museum’s policies are designed to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests, as well as to protect the artworks in our care.
Safety & Security
Please observe the following rules during your visit to the museum:
  • Silence cell phones in the museum
  • Do not touch the art. Did you know that dirt and oils from our hands can damage even the strongest-seeming works?
  • Do not smoke anywhere in the building
  • Do not bring in food or beverages. Food and drink from Cafe Asia must be consumed in the cafe
  • Check all backpacks, umbrellas and parcels larger than 12” by 12” by 12” at Coat Check
  • Shoes and shirts are required
Pets are not permitted. Animals must be under the control of the owner at all times (e.g. leash, carrier).

Infant Feeding
Infant feeding is allowed in all public spaces. Bottles must be in the control of an adult.

Photography in the collection galleries is permitted if done for personal, noncommercial use and with a hand-held camera. The use of flashes, tripods or video cameras is prohibited.

Photography is not allowed in some special exhibitions.

You cannot sell, reproduce or distribute any photographs you take in the museum without written permission from the Asian Art Museum. 

If you wish to request an image or special dispensation from the museum, see the Photography and Image Rights page.

Pencil sketching is permitted in the collection galleries (second and third floors). Sketching may be prohibited in special exhibitions, which feature works on loan to the museum. Please check with our staff.

Strollers are allowed in all public spaces. However, please note that our Security officers may require checking or parking strollers on very busy days in special exhibition galleries, due to over crowding.

The Asian Art Museum provides free docent-led tours daily. Private tours may also be reserved and paid for in advance. Commercial tours led by members of the public are not permitted. Any group touring the museum may not include a lecture or talk unless prior arrangement has been made with the museum.